Just a few clicks away

BillDesk is a great new service that allows you to receive all your bills and make all your payments from one single location. By registering with BillDesk you do not require to wait in long queues to pay your bills, you can use your existing bank accounts and you can pay all your bills at your convenience. Instead of writing cheques and mailing them every month, you can now use any computer connected to the Internet (home, office, school, cyber-caf´┐Ż, etc.) and make payments with the click of a mouse. It's simple, convenient and secure!

Getting started and using the BillDesk is easy.
1 Enroll Yourself.
(You need to have an e-mail address for enrollment)
2 Fill up a payment authorisation form.
(Use your cheque book to fill up relevant infomation)
3 Choose the billers/ payees you wish to pay.