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Electronic presentment and payment of bills is evolving with the growth of the Internet as a powerful and dynamic communications and commerce medium. BillDesk is a high value-add service enabling billers, banks as well as their customers to realize significant savings and efficiency. Billers benefit by reducing their processing and collection effort and banks by reducing transaction costs and better customer service. Customers also benefit with better control over their payments.

Who can partner

Billers Companies receiving a large number of payments for services offered, viz. telephone companies, cellular phone companies, insurance companies, ISPs, etc can use BillDesk to offer a convenient service to customers.

Banks can use the BillDesk infrastructure to offer bill presentment, payment and management service without having the complexity to manage multitude of biller relationships.

Portal/ destination sites can add bill payment to their menu of services.

IndiaIdeas partners with businesses, banks, consolidators and portals to provide consumers with the ability to pay any bill from anywhere at any time, using any Internet-connected device. BillDesk can easily integrate with partner sites to extend their suite of services with a comprehensive bill presentment, payment and management solution.

To learn more about how BillDesk would benefit you or to offer online bill payment service to your customers, please contact us


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