Blind People Association

You can make an online donation over the Internet using the HDFC Bank DirectPay option.

Use the below form to make a secure online donation to Blind People Association. Your donation amount will be directly debited from the HDFC bank account.

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BPA  works to provide equal opportunities to  persons with disabilites all walks of life. BPA respects the abilities of each disabled person and provides services of education, vocational and professional training, employment . BPA works for the capacity building of professional, parents and all people associated with disabled persons. BPA works through 22 partner organisations and through 8 campuses in 120 talukas of Gujarat state

Donation Scheme

Cataract Surgery

Rs. 3100 each

One time sweet meal

Rs. 15000/-

One time simple meal

Rs. 9500/-

General Donation

Rs. 1001/- and above

Corpus Fund

Rs. 50,000/- and above

Endowment Fund

Rs. 50,000/- Minimum and above

 Please note:
  • The customer should have a Netbanking facility to make online donations.
  • Minimum Amount of donation is Rs.100/-

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