BSES Yamuna Power Limited
Simply enter the details below to make a payment. You are requested to ensure that the CA Number are correctly entered. BSES Yamuna only accepts exact payments as per the bill amount in the latest bill online.
CA Number
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Please note:
Your account will be debited online. Payments made before 5pm on working days will be processed by the next working day.
It may take up to 2 working days for the payment to be processed by BSES Yamuna and hence you are requested to make payments minimum 2 working days before the due date.
BSES Yamuna will not accept part payments and will reject online payments that are excess and will not adjust the excess against the next bill.
The time taken to credit your account with BSES Yamuna depends on BSES Yamuna’s payment processing processes.
Please note that "NO KCC/GCC" payment is accepted.
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