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BillDesk is commited to making bill payment a convenient online experience for you. We will make it easy for you to make the transition to an online relationship on the strength of our service and with a ready answer for your queries.Some of the most common questions that customers ask about BillDesk are:

What is the BillDesk service?
How does the BillDesk service help?
How does BillDesk get my bank and biller information?
Do I need to open a new bank account?
Are my transactions safe?
How do I get started?
What happens if I have a dispute with the biller or a specific charge on a bill?
What if I need help using the BillDesk service?

More questions? Please see our FAQs or contact us at

If you have questions on erstwhile Visa Bill Pay (now BillDesk BillPay) service please visit the
BillDesk BillPay FAQ section.

What is the BillDesk Service?

BillDesk is a great new service that provides you with a single point of contact for most of your recurring payment needs. At BillDesk you can pay your bills and make other payments online in a secure and convenient manner. BillDesk will electronically present your bills to you, including your telephone bills, electricity bills, cell-phone bills,credit card bills, ISP charges and others. You can review your bills, choose when you want to pay them, how much to pay and also select the bank account(s) you wish to make the payment from. You will of course continue to get the physical bills from your billers - just like you did before. What you get with BillDesk is complete flexibility and control in making payments, regular email reminders so that your bills are paid on time, a facility to store all the payments you made during the year and importantly efficient organisation and management of your bill payment activity.

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How does the BillDesk service help?

The BillDesk service is available to you round-the-clock - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Today you can accesss this service using the Internet, but soon you will be able to recive bill information and make payments using the telephone, cell-phone and ATMs. The BillDesk service essentially simplifies for you the complications and hassles of bill payment. By providing you the facility of reviewing your bills online and making the payments using your existing bank account, BillDesk provides you the power to organise and pay all your bills online and gives you trememdous control over bill management and payment records.

With timely e-mail notifications alerting you to due dates and on payment completion, a range of friendly features and dedicated customer support to help you through the process, the BillDesk service ensures that you have the safest, the most secure and convenient online experience that you will get anywhere.

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How does BillDesk get my bank and biller information?

You provide us with the information about your bank account when you register with us. On your successful registration with us, we send you a pre-filled bank authorisation form along with your Welcome Kit. You need to sign this form and return it to us. This form then gets submitted to your bank, which validates and authenticates that it is indeed your account.

Your Biller information too is made available to us only after you have authorised us to receive it. BillDesk has business arrangements with various billers who have agreed to participate in this service. Once you have registered for the service and your account has been made active you select your personal list of billers from this list of billers and provide some basic information (like a consumer number or a customer reference number), which will help the biller verify your account and identify you. On successful verification the Billers start sending your subsequent bills in an electronic form to us, which are presented to you through your secure Bill Inbox. The convenient "Add Biller" features makes