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FAQ - Customer Support
For your convenience, we have covered a list of answers to common "How do I..?" questions.

What happens if I forget my Password?
What happens if I forget my Password and Secret Question/Secret Answer?
Tell me about customer support at BillDesk
What is the last date for me to pay my bill?
How do I prove that I made a payment?
How do I add another bank account?
What is the MICR code?
Is there any change in the way I operate my bank account after registering at BillDesk?
How do I change my primary email address?
How do I cancel my membership with BillDesk?
How do I archive a bill that is presented to me?
What is "My Mail Box"?
What happens if I have a dispute with my biller?

More questions? Please see our FAQs or contact us at

You could also talk to our customer service representatives at:

  • Ahmedabad - 26579791
  • Ajmer - 5105097
  • Allahabad - 2236226
  • Aurangabad - 6610288
  • Bangalore - 25585557
  • Bhopal - 4250000
  • Chandigarh - 5078837
  • Chennai - 30986363 / 39914600
  • Delhi - 46869000
  • Goa - 2425111
  • Hyderabad - 42005000
  • Indore - 4009500
  • Jabalpur - 2418558
  • Jaipur - 5105097
  • Jamnagar - 2661839
  • Kanpur - 2330176
  • Kochi - 4028866
  • Kolhapur - 6687040
  • Kolkata - 40035101
  • Lucknow - 2236226
  • Ludhiana - 6537558
  • Mangalore - 2449996
  • Mumbai - 40920001
  • Nagpur - 6618893
  • Nasik - 6450235
  • Pune - 41503555
  • Rajkot - 6641366
  • Solapur - 6451130
  • Surat - 2464681
  • Trivandrum - 2466866
  • Vadodara - 2251726
  • Varanasi - 2236226

    What happens if I forget my Password?

    If you forget your Password, you can obtain a new password from BillDesk by clicking on the "Forgot your password" link. Here you will be asked for your Login ID, Secret Question and Secret Answer. To confirm that your request for a new password is authentic, BillDesk could also ask you some additional information either online or offline (viz telephone call or by meeting with you in person).

    On providing the correct information, BillDesk will assign a new password to you that would be sent to your primary email address. Additionally, to safeguard you against any fraud, as soon as you login the next time, you will be asked to change your password from the one assigned to you by BillDesk.

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    What happens if I forget my Password and Secret Question/Secret Answer?

    If you forget your Login ID and Secret Question/Secret Answer, please send a written request for a change of password to BillDesk Services:

    škot200500"Arial, Helvetica, sans-sbsp;Mumbai Limited
    E-510 Crystal Plaza,
    New Link Road,
    Andheri (W) B BSoltr> "> 365 Peth TelB ofa -tr> shtr Soltr> face3 Opp Jalfonshan ">N Surat20059, Helvetica, sans-serif">&n  r. isha kd30176 Behi> Alka Re01< ant,vetica, sans-serif">&n&nOldrkedra Barofo20059Hel5
      Ahmedabad Limited
    515, Atma House,
    Ashram Road,
    Ahmedabad - 380 009
    Tel: 26579791
      Ajmer Limited
    106, Ist Floor,
    Navjeevan Complex,
    Near Polo Victory,
    Jaipur - 302006
    India Limited,
    2nd Floor,7A/8/3, Dr. Panna Lal Road,
    Above Bank of Baroda Service Branch,
    Allahabad - 211001
    Tel: 2236226
    India Limited,
    Chetan Plaza, Shop No.4
    Shamrat Nagar, Savarkar Chowk
    Nr. Bank of Maharashtra
    Dargha Road
    Aurangabad - 431001
    Tel: 6610288
      Bangalore Limited
    No 202, 2nd Floor,
    Brigade Gardens, Church Street,
    Bangalore - 560 001
    Tel: 25585557
    India Ideas.Com Limited ( Billdesk)
    MF-18-Block-B, Mezzanine Floor,
    Commercial Complex, Mansarover,
    Hoshangabad Road, 'R' Depot,
    Bhopal - 462 016
    Tel: 4250000
      Chandigarh Limited
    Office 2000 , SCO 19 ,
    Office No: 22-23, 2nd Floor,
    Sector 17-E, Chandigarh
    Tel: 5078837
      Chennai Limited
    #243 Anna salai,
    III Floor,(Above ING Vysya Bank)
    Chennai - 600 006
    Tel: 30986363 / 39914600
      Delhi Limited
    D-3/3,IInd floor,
    Okhla Ph II,
    New Delhi -110020
    Tel: 46869000
      Goa Limited
    S - 58, 2nd Flr. Alfran Plaza,
    Near Panjim Market,
    Goa - 403 001
    Tel: 2425111
      Hyderabad Limited
    1-8-450/1/a/159/160, 3rd Floor
    Victoria Castle, Prakash Nagar
    Begumpet, Hyderabad -500003
    Tel: 42005000
      Indore Limited
    107, Ratnamani Complex,
    7/1,New Palasia,
    Curewell Hospital Road,
    Indore (M.P.) - 452001
    IndiaIdeas.Com Limited(BillDesk),
    1st Floor, New Market, Up side of Jyoti Parikh Jewelers,
    Opposite VLCC, Gorakhpur Gurudwara Road, Jabalpur (MP) 482001.
      Jaipur Limited
    106, Ist Floor,
    Navjeevan Complex,
    Near Polo Victory,
    Jaipur - 302006
      Jamnagar Limited,
    208, Madhav Plaza,
    Near Lal Bunglow,
    Jamnagar - 361002
    Tel: 2661839
      Kanpur Limited,
    Room no. 411, 4th Floor,
    63/2, City Center, The Mall,
    Kanpur - 208 001
    Tel: 2330176
      Kochi Limited
    4th Floor, Rasheed Tower,
    Karimpatta Cross Road,
    Pallimukku, Kochi - 682016
    Tel: 4028866
      Kolhapur Limited
    B-26 Royal Plaza, Dabholkar Complex,
    Dabholkar Corner,
    Kolhapur - 416 003
    Tel: 6687040
      Kolkata Limited
    Everest Building
    16th Floor, Room No- 16C
    46C, Chowringhee Rd
    Kolkata - 700 071
    Tel: 40035101
      Lucknow Limited
    1-2, Apex Chambers,
    19,Vidhan Sabha Marg,
    Beside Aakashwani,
    Lucknow - 226 001
    Tel: 2236226
      Ludhiana Limited
    SCO-18,Cabin No-209,2nd Floor
    Feroze Gandhi Market
    Ludhiana - 141 001
    Tel: 6537558
      Mangalore Limited
    C-16, Second Floor, Maximus Commercial Complex,
    LHH Road, Hampankatta,
    Mangalore - 575 001
    Tel: 2449996
      Mumbai Limited
    E-510 Crystal Plaza,
    New Link Road,
    Andheri (W) B B škot>Jamnagar
    60 rkrupa>Jab">M T i kb"> Su Ksh
    N desont>Va an 1002
      8,Cabin No-209,2nd Flo C-16,

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