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FAQ - Payments & Timing
In this section, we cover answers to all your questions on how and when are your payments made.

How and when is my bank account debited?
How do I modify or cancel my payment instruction?
Can I pay a bill late at BillDesk?
What are the consequences of not paying a bill that is presented to me at BillDesk?
How do I prove that I made a payment at BillDesk?
What is the Auto-pay facility?
Can I change an Auto-pay instruction?
What is the Click-pay facility?
Can I use my credit cards to pay my bills?
Do I need to open a new bank account for using BillDesk?
What type of bank accounts can I pay bills from?
What confirmation do I get when I issue a payment instruction?
Are there reasons due to which my payment instructions might not be executed?

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    How and when is my bank account debited?

    Your payment instruction will be sent for processing after the "pay on date" specified by you. Your bank account will normally get debited within 3 to 5 days from the "pay on date".
    While your instruction is being processed, the status of this instruction will appear as "Delivered" in your "Scheduled Bills" folder. Once your account is debited and the payment made to your biller/payee, the status of the payment instruction will appear as "Paid". If your account does not have the requisite funds or the payment instruction is returned undebited for any other reason, the status of the payment instruction will appear as "Failed".

    In the context of the above, we request you to maintain funds in your bank account after your specified "pay on date".

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    How do I change or cancel my payment instruction?

    You can change your payment instruction in the "Scheduled Bills" folder till your specified "pay on date". Simply click the "Edit" button against the payment instruction to change the payment amount, the payment date and the bank account you wish to make the payment from. If you submit the changes, this modified instruction will appear back in the "Scheduled Bills" folder.

    Please note that after BillDesk sends your instruction for processing, you will not be able to change the payment instruction any more. The status of all instructions sent for processing by BillDesk appear as "Delivered" in your "Scheduled Bills" folder.

    Should you wish to stop the payment instruction, you can choose the "Delete" option. By stopping a payment instruction, the original bill will appear back in your "New Bills" folder.

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    Can I pay a bill late at BillDesk?

    BillDesk urges you to pay your bills on time. Our ability to accept payments beyond the due date depends upon whether your biller allows this or not. All bills that are pending action beyond their payment due dates are easily identified by a red marker beside them in your "New Bills" folder.

    Please note that late payments have similar consequences (including penalties, if any) whether paid through BillDesk or otherwise as laid down by each biller/payee. In the highly unlikely event of a payment error on our part that results in a late payment, BillDesk will pay the late payment charges due to the biller, subject to a maximum of Rs. 500/- per bill.

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    What are the consequences of not paying a bill that is presented to me at BillDesk?

    If you haven't acted upon a bill presented at BillDesk, we will not be able to make a payment to the biller/payee on your behalf. Accordingly, specific terms and conditions laid down by your biller/payee for late or non-payment of bills could become applicable.

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