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This section briefly highlights the objectives, players, process flow and timing aspects of the Electronic Clearing Scheme (ECS) Debit Clearing of the Reserve Bank of India. ECS is one of the mechanisms used by BillDesk to process your payment instructions.

What is ECS (Debit Clearing) Service?
How is BillDesk using this service?
What is an ECS Mandate Form?
Is my existing ECS mandate to a biller also valid at BillDesk?
How does ECS (Debit Clearing) work?
When do I have to fund my bank account for payment through ECS (Debit Clearing)?
Can I stop a payment once it goes into the ECS (Debit Clearing) cycle?
Do I have to give an ECS mandate for every bill payment?
Can one ECS mandate be used for more than one bank account?
Can I designate an outstation account for the ECS (Debit Clearing) process?
Can I instruct my bank not to honour a payment, once a mandate is given?
Can an ECS mandate once given be withdrawn?
Can a single mandate be used for more than one type of payment?
What is the maximum amount I can pay using ECS (Debit Clearing)?

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    What is the Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) - Debit Clearing?

    Electronic Clearing Service (Debit Clearing) Scheme or ECS (Debit Clearing) is an offline electronic funds transfer system operated by the Reserve Bank Of India and allows paperless debit transactions between banks. ECS (Debit Clearing) covers transactions of the following characteristics:

    • repetitive payment collections like telephone, electricity bills, loan installments, insurance premium

    • transactions relating to collections by a single company from a large number of customers.
    This service can be used by electricity companies, telephone companies, credit card issuers, insurance companies and other service providers to collect their payments from their customers. Use of ECS (Debit Clearing) obviates the need for issuing and handling paper instruments (viz. customers do not need to issue cheques and banks are not required to process them subsequently) and thereby facilitates customer service.

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    How is BillDesk using this service?

    BillDesk will use ECS (Debit Clearing) as one of the payment mechanisms for debiting your bank account for making payment to your billers and payees.

    As the sponsor Bank of BillDesk, Bank of Baroda will provide payment and clearing services for all the transactions originated through BillDesk for payment using ECS. BillDesk obtains a specific authorization from you through an ECS Mandate form for making payment from your bank account.

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    What is an ECS Mandate Form?

    The ECS Mandate form authorises your bank to debit your bank account to honour your payment instructions at BillDesk. The ECS mandate form needs to be signed by you and certified by your bank branch.

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    Is my existing ECS mandate to a biller also valid at BillDesk?

    No. To avail of the BillDesk service you need to submit a fresh mandate and withdraw your previous mandate with the biller. Please note that with a single ECS mandate at BillDesk you will be able to pay all the billers/payees registered at BillDesk.

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    How does ECS (Debit Clearing) work?

    The ECS (Debit Clearing) process takes 7 working days. Currently there are two ECS cycles during the week, beginning on Tuesdays and Fridays. The day-to-day process is given below assuming that the first day is a Tuesday.


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