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How it works

It's very simple and easy!

You register with BillDesk
Register at BillDesk by filling out a few details about yourself and your bank account. We need your bank account information to honour your instructions at BillDesk. As soon as we receive your authorisation, you are ready to set up your billers/payees. See Get Started for more details.

You set up your biller/payee accounts
Provide your customer account information (viz consumer number, cycle number for your electricity bill) while adding a biller or a payee. BillDesk will verify and confirm your association with these billers/payees so that bills can be presented to you and/or you can make payments to them.

You make payments
Biller payment
Each time your biller raises a bill, we will present it to you at BillDesk and notify you about its arrival by sending you an e-mail. You can decide when to pay, how much to pay and select the bank account from which you wish to make payment, and we will take care of the rest.

Payee payment
Your payee will be set up for you to make payments. For each such payee, instruct us by filling out the details of the payment (viz bill number, payment amount, due date, pay on date, etc) and we will take care of the rest.

BillDesk processes the payment instructions
Upon successful processing of your instruction, your bank account would be debited and the payment would be made to your biller/payee. (Make sure your bank account is funded for these payments!!)

You receive a confirmation
BillDesk will confirm to you the successful completion of your payment. Please note that BillDesk keeps details of your presented bills and your payments made online for upto one year. Details of bills or payments prior to that, archived with BillDesk, will be made available to you at your request.

Guided Demo Know how the BillDesk service works!
How it works Read more in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Please contact us at for any queries that you may have.


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