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Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited in association with BillDesk now brings to you a simple, convenient and secure way to pay your electricity bill - over the Internet or simply by providing an automatic payment instruction.

This facility is ABSOLUTELY FREE! No registration charges, no annual costs, no hidden costs!
Simply log on to get started.

Get all these great Conveniences

  • You receive your BESCOM statement online at
  • You receive email informing you about the receipt of your payments
  • You can pay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • You can choose when and how to pay - OnlinePay or AutoPay
  • You can use your existing bank accounts to make your BESCOM electricity bill payments
  • You receive timely emails that remind you to pay your BESCOM electricity bill payments
  • You can store your BESCOM statements, maintain a record of your payments
  • You get instant Help for any queries
  • You receive total security and privacy while making payments.

Register Now! Read more about the 2 convenient payment options that you have
OnlinePay -- View and Pay your BESCOM electricity bill at
AutoPay -- Standing instructions for automatic payment of your BESCOM electricity bill

OnlinePay -- View and Pay your BESCOM electricity bill at

  • Can be used by all customers who have a bank account and access to the Internet
  • You need to Register online at
  • To Register please keep the following information ready
    1. You will need to provide your email address, a few details - and you will ready to view and pay your next BESCOM electricity bill online at
    2. You can specify more than one bank account for making your payments
  • You will receive email alerts informing you about your BESCOM electricity bill
  • You can log on to, view your BESCOM electricity bill and issue payment instructions online for payment from any of your bank accounts
  • You will also receive email reminders for pending BESCOM electricity bills and confirmation for payments made
  • You can store your BESCOM electricity bill details and payment information online for upto one year

Register now !